Policies & Procedures

1-0106 Transfer of Property to Other Organizations
1-0112 Distribution and Use of Funds Received as Facilities and Administrative Cost Reimbursements,
            Fixed Price Agreement Residuals, and Other Recovered Fees
1-0113 Cost Sharing in Sponsored Research and Service Projects
1-0116 Transfer or Termination of Sponsored Research or Service Agreements
1-0118 Multiple Private Awards for Sponsored Projects with the Same General Objective
1-0130 Open Records
1-0202 Intellectual Property
1-0305 Routing System - Proposals, Grants, Contracts, and Agreements
1-0505 Care and Use of Animals in Research, Testing, and Teaching
1-1205 Drug-Free Workplace
2-0111 Procedures to Govern Overload Assignments, Outside Professional Activities, and Other
            Outside Activities of Faculty Members
2-0113 Faculty Sick Leave
3-0125 Inventory of Fixed Assets
3-0126 Disposition of Surplus Property
3-0127 Federal Property Management Standards
3-0128 Cellular Services
3-0145 Purchasing
3-0146 Purchasing Equipment on Grants and Contracts
3-0148 Sale of Goods or Services to the University by an Employee (Conflict of Interest)
3-0190 Records and Documents Retention, Security, and Control
3-0201 Fiscal Procedures and Accounting Systems
3-0251 Grants and Contracts Financial Administration
3-0253 Assignment of Account Numbers for Grant and Contract Awards
3-0255 Payment for Stipends, Travel, Dependency Allowance or Other Participant Costs on Grant or
            Contract Funded Training Programs
3-0320 Payroll
3-0321 Monthly Time and Effort Confirmation in Compliance with OMB Circular A-21
3-0331 Collection, Deposit and Control of Cash or Checks Received in the Name of Oklahoma State
3-0335 Payment of Student Fees, Tuition and Charges
3-0362 Reporting and Taxability of Assistantships, Fellowships, Scholarships, Fee Waivers and Other
            Payment to Student
3-0420 Purchase of Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages on Sponsored Project Funding
4-0105 University Research
4-0115 Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research
4-0120 Rights to Results of Sponsored Research Projects or Programs
4-0125 Complaints of Scientific Misconduct
4-0130 Conflict of Interest
4-0135 Costing Practices for Sponsored Research and Service Projects
4-0136 Retroactive Cost Transfers Relating to Sponsored Agreements
4-0138 Classifying Accounts as Organized research Under 2 CFR 220 (Formerly OMB Circular A-21)
4-0401 Compensation to Human Subjects